Paul O'Mahony's Online Business Mastery Review

How I discovered Paul O’Mahony

When it comes to transformational training, Success Resources certainly has an impressive roster of speakers. It was through this well known international provider of “uncommon” training programmes (Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki among other famous speakers are on their books). that I discovered Paul O’Mahony, the social media “guru” who is turning the industry on its head. His best-selling book, Rethink Social Media, is an eye-opener, even for traditional digital marketing pros, in the way it helps people re-evaluate the way they use social media and how people can start to “monetize” these platforms and potentially build quite lucrative incomes.

Paul O’Mahony certainly packs a lot of stuff into his Online Business Mastery Course, which I attended recently.  It was a 3-day training course that literally walked us through the valley of social media,  and online business transformation and wealth strategy.

A little bit about Paul O’Mahony

Paul O’’Mahony is a digital media specialist, mindset coach, and best-selling author of “Rethink Social Media”. He is an international speaker and coach with an incredible knack for social media marketing, marketing, and mindset psychology. His profile on LinkedIn reads:

“I am fortunate enough to be a best-selling author of Rethink Social Media which made it to top 5 on all Amazon sales! I own six different companies…These companies assist companies and individuals to set up and expand their online presence resulting in increased branding and sales as well as educating the younger generation on finances”.


Paul O’Mahony’’s 3-day Online Business Mastery.

Firstly, Paul O’Mahony is a great speaker. Fun, engaging, and very smart. So smart, that he knows exactly what he’s doing when he charms the audience with a healthy balance of humor, social media secrets, and sales strategies. He’s an astute digital marketer with a deep understanding of customer psychology. You can’t help but like Paul – his dry, Irish wit and “non-salesy” approach went down like a charm with the audience.

Working in digital marketing myself, I find his narrative of “secret” social media tactics for targeting audiences, behavioral psychology and sales very enlightening. These are sure-fire tactics I think every marketer and business should own, but most don’’t. Tactics used for audience attraction, engagement and acquisition are so simple, it’s amazing everyone isn’t using these systems to build their online businesses. In particular, large corporations which substantial advertising budgets are still squandering their spend on “tradition” campaigns – it’s like throwing darts in the dark.

This program is for people who are ready to change their life, make a substantial investment into building an online business and working with Paul O’Mahony and his team as coaches and mentors on that journey. For that type of coaching, you pay a premium. The idea is that the experience, strategy, and mentorship you get cam fast-track your business to success, without having to make the usual mistakes for years by going it alone.

But my brain had been conditioned enough. I had been to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within and I absolutely know that if you want to build something great and gain powerful knowledge that can change your life for good, then you have to pay for it.

So, I put my ego aside and decided I was going to learn as much as possible from the revered digital marketing specialist.

Online Business Mastery by Paul O’Mahony. What’s it like?

Firstly, there is an online course, with periodic check-ins in the run-up to the event. There were three webinars and online training programmes that covered everything from setting up your blog, through to Twitter, Facebook ads, YouTube marketing and much more. There’s a lot of great stuff, so much so that most people at the event didn’t even complete the online course. Customer service throughout the run-up to the face to face event was good – they use Zendesk as online customer service portal, in addition, to live to follow up calls to ensure you can access the training or answer any questions you may have.

The face to face workshop itself consisted of about thirty percent of the workshop centered on social media tactics – Facebook, Twitter ads and techniques. While mindset mastery (shifting your mindset towards successful thinking, dispelling limiting beliefs, etc.) makes up fifty percent of the program, about twenty percent was dedicated to selling training materials and resources.

Paul O’Mahony is a pleasure to listen to and the audience clearly enjoyed the wealth strategy and mindset mastery part. In truth – this mental training is so important because one of the main barriers to achieving success with online businesses (and everything in life, in general) are the limiting beliefs that stop people from even getting started.

I would have liked the course to have allocated more hours to tactical social media strategies and practices – but alas, he wasn’t going to give away every tool in his arsenal. What comes next, is the offer to be coached and mentored by him and his team as you grow your online business.

Yes, they are expensive, and of course, the coaches want to retain you as long as they can, but I would add that these courses offer competitive and unique content with a focus on ‘mindset’ that is different from the “standard” courses out there.

Paul O’ Mahony’s Online Business Mastery seminar is not only limited to how to leverage Twitter, Facebook and YouTube marketing. It also sets you up with crucial success and mindset fundamentals, educating participants on the opportunities and threats that come from living and working in a digital, global marketplace.

For instance, a section of the workshop was dedicated to wealth management, recognizing the grim but sometimes hidden reality of what it means to get into a lifetime of debt – from education to mortgages, cars, etc. Paul raised the fact that our entire society is built on selling us products and dreams, with hidden fees and interest rates nestled into the fine print.

He raises awareness around the vital mindset change required to shift our conditioning and ill-fed beliefs since birth; the belief that we must go to school, get a college degree, get a good job, get further education so that we can get a promotion, buy a house (debt), buy a car (more debt), have children (did you know that raising a child these days to the age of 21 can cost up to $400k), and so on – all to fuel a system of paying more interest and taxes. In fact, our society is built to keep us in this ‘rat race’ of earning money so we can spend more on taxes and interest – it’s like a madhouse.

“We’re living in a madhouse with mad people where everyone thinks they’re not crazy”

– Paul O’Mahony

Paul O’Mahony’s Online Business Mastery will help you take a brave, bold leap into the digital world and kickstart your online business. It will also help you learn to take advantage of the unique opportunities of the era we live in (like relatively cheap digital advertising costs that give businesses the edge to bring their product, brand or service in limelight).

In a nutshell..Paul O’Mahony’s Online Business Mastery

I left the 3-day seminar feeling inspired, creative and full of ideas. Paul O’Mahony is an incredibly smart guy; his book ReThink Social Media reveals some tactics, secrets, and practices to harness the power of social media and build onine businesses. It’s definitely worth a read and serves as a great starting point into “thinking differently” about what social media is doing, and what you can do with it.

Now, I am taking my mindset and business to the next level, thanks to Paul O’Mahony for delivering success-driven knowledge at his Online Business Mastery workshop.

If you are interested in learning more about launching or building a lucrative online business, you can sign up to Paul’s free webinar training program below. He provides a lot of value in his free materials, and one idea might just kickstart your new venture or your new life!