Is there anything more frustrating than working with incompetent people?

Yes! Working FOR incompetent people!

And there certainly are a lot of them out there…many of them holding senior leadership positions.

Some common signals…

Your idiot boss doesn’t know what they don’t know…

so they hire the wrong people and blame others when it all goes to sh**.

They ignore you, stays in their office and only come out to lay into somebody for some mistake that exists only in their mind. They offer zero management support and don’t want to hear about your challenges or accomplishments.

So what can you do if your boss is an incompetent idiot?

It is easy to get sucked into ruminations and conspiracy theories or trying to understand why your boss was promoted to their level, but all that time and effort you spend trying to figure it out, you will surely get de-railed from your own business goals, giving your idiot boss a reason to doubt your own competence. Try to focus on doing the best job you can.

Don’t be emotional

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Unfortunately, it’s rare to win a confrontation with your boss so you will need to resolve the issue in a more strategic way.

Offer your help

You could try to offer your help and give your boss the benefit of the doubt. She could very well be the victim of her own office politics and mismanagement so there could be a way to make her an ally and help her through her situation.

Fil in the gaps
If your boss is truly not carrying out her role and responsibilities, this could be an opportunity for you to showcase your own talent and skills. Where could you add value and shine?

Speak to their boss

This is a sensitive one, but sometimes you just need to pluck up the courage and make a stand. Life is to short to work for an idiot, and staying stagnant in your own career achieving very little and having no accomplishments of your own to demonstrate will not serve you any good. It may be time to escalate.
Before you do, you may want to talk to someone you trust within your organization, gain some extra perspective and ensure your next actions are mindful actions.

If all else fails, try breathing slowly and take a walk around the block.