Am I becoming obsolete?

You’re experienced, you’ve worked for great companies, have a great track record, but you still can’t help wondering. Are you becoming obsolete?

But something’s not quite right. You just can’t place it.

There’s a lot of young people around.

And the boss is younger than you.

And they have lots of “opinions”.

And then the confusion sinks in. Hold on a second, I’ve been busy “working hard”, delivering successful outcomes for my employers, working with a positive attitude and gaining a wealth of experience, but….where were the promotions, rewards..kudos? Did I miss them? Was I just too busy?

Hold on, now they’re bringing an “expert” consultant in. That sounds like a waste, I’m an expert in my field, how come the business doesn’t listen to me?

I get it. While I was busy working, making money for my employers, the marketplace changed and the skills I built my career on are no longer that valuable.

My employers like me as a person and yes, I deliver what they need, but I’m not critical to the business success as I’m not a revenue producer. I don’t work in sales, business development – actually, in digital marketing I account for a business expense.

The world is rapidly changing. It’s changing so fast you don’t see it. There is no more promise of job security. And it’s not just technology (AI, robotics, machine learning) that’s replacing the human workforce, it’s the way business is fundamentally changing (globally) – the way we work with each other, how we communicate, what we produce, the offers we make.

What can you do now?

You need to think.

The era of “doing” is over my friend. You just won’t get rewarded for “hard work”.

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution and the era of “thinking!”

And I don’t mean thinking as in thinking thoughts. I mean thinking as in really thinking in a strategic way to plan your ultimate future and next steps in your career path.

Firstly, you need to wake up and finally realize that it’s not about offering the same proposition to another customer or employer. Remember the old (and very cliched) definition of madness?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

You need to try something different and it starts by thinking different.

Think about:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you love?
  • What services, projects and offers have you won in the past that made your customers/boss/colleagues delighted?
  • What are your weaknesses and/or areas in need of development?
  • What is your market really focussed on that brings in revenue? (eg. of mine its Growth Marketing)
  • When you see people “making it” in your industry, what are they really offering? Are they “doing” or “thinking”?

Here at Grow or Die we are teaching you how to survive and thrive. And that means as the marketplace changes rapidly, you need to change your Self with the marketplace.

Trust me. It’s not you. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just as smart as the next guy/girl who’s “making it”. The problem is that you were busy “working” and you didn’t see the marketplace shift.

So it’s time to re-skill. Learn. Think. Plan. Build competence.

Online learning courses are a great way to start. Udemy, Coursera, and even Youtube have a wealth of knowledge. But you have to seek it out.

Nobody told me that I had to change my service or offer. I found out the hard way, but the great news is, it’s not too late.

So delve into that new competence, gain that competitive edge that your peers don’t have – in business that’s the “marginal utility.” That of producing an outcome that is relatively more valuable that that of your competition.

When you’re really focused on what you want but things aren’t working, you might start hearing a voice inside your head say, “Nothing’s going to work!” But here’s the truth: When it looks like you’re a million miles away from where you want to be, you’re usually only 2 millimeters away from victory!